We are offering 3 or 4 day courses

3 days - £55 

4 days - £70

You will work alongside some fantastic experienced football coaches who will not only put you through our paces but will make it extremely fun with plenty of football camps.

To enquire:

Text: 07704757631

Next camp: Queen Marys Grammar School - 1st-4th August 2022

Children Playing Football

Strength & Conditioning

Your child will be put through their paces with a wide range of exercises which will develop their skill level with a focus on mind, strength, endurance, power, speed, agility and performance.



Your child will be put through an exciting fitness challenge, to enhance their abilities  to become a better future athlete. We will work on cardio endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength  and flexibility.

Training & Team cohertion

Your child will be working alongside our coaches in developing skills and how we can put this into practice. Team cohesion will be a key as we want all our footballers to have the aim of meeting their own targets but also meeting the targets of the group and feel proud that everyone has done their part within the task instructed.


We aim to support your child with a mindset that nutrition is about focusing on eating a healthy and balanced diet.

The food and drink that your child will eat on the camp will provide the energy and nutrients needed to be healthy whilst also learning about it's importance. 


This part of the camp is perfect for your child to understand their positioning within their match games. Your child will watch performances of professional players and try and incorporate this into their training, this will be record analyze to  their own performance to improve throughout the week.


Your child will enjoy playing football matches against their peers, this will help them understand their positioning, how to control their fitness and their performance level on what skills they need to excel in, and those areas they need to learn new skills and drills.