Willenhall E-ACT

Week 1 - 11th - 14th
Week 2 - 19th - 22nd

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What to expect from this camp!


8:00am-9:45am - This is the time to give your child that extra time to explore The Playscheme. We have a rotation system so your child can enjoy many activities even before the day has even started.

9:45am-11:00am- During this time your child will be play team warm up games, get to know their coaches & find out who's in their group. 

11:00am-12:00pm - First main activity, this is either swimming, arts & crafts or sports. 

12:00pm-13:00pm - LUNCH TIME, swiftly followed by structured freetime with activties set out for the children to explore. 

13pm - 14pm - Second Activity - This is either swimming, arts & crafts or sports.  

14:00pm-15:00pm - Third Activity - This is either swimming, arts & crafts or sports.  

15:00pm-15:15pm - final reflections of the day, gather belongings and pick up. 

15:15pm-17:00pm - Late pick up for the children to enjoy many of the activities from the day. 

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What we offer...

February Half Term
1 week

Easter Holidays 
2 weeks 

May Half term
1 week

Summer Holidays
4 weeks

October Half term
1 week


Next Playscheme date

21st - 24th February 2022

Arts and crafts

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