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Welcome to The Playscheme!

Making memories through Play!


Learn, Have Fun and Feel Inspired!



Schemes now available at West Walsall and Cheslyn Hay for the OCTOBER HALF TERM 


Upcoming Half term

October Half Term bookings are LIVE!!


Minimum booking of 2 days @ Willenhall

Minimum booking of 2 days @ Cheslyn Hay

1 day & 2 day options for the trial @ West Walsall. 

Early & Late drop offs still available

Our Gallery


The boys thoroughly enjoyed today, they have made new friends along the way. Both came back with beaming smiles. Both are exhausted but raring to get back tomorrow and have asked to be booked up on the next playscheme. Highly recommend.




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We are proud to say we are in partnership with the Walsall Council to provide places for children eligible for Free school Meals to attend The Playscheme.

"This is Limited times and not every Half term".


We have been based at this school since The Playscheme began due to the great facilities that accommodate to everything we offer at The Playscheme.

Within this school, we want to give young adults the opportunity to explore work experience in a setting they want to pursue in the future for example, a career in teaching. We aim to train all our volunteers ready for summer work in the future or support with references to help them in future jobs or study opportunities.

Willenhall E-act Academy

Walsall HAF Programme